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Gold Toe socks

I was interested in getting some new men’s dress socks recently.  I hadn’t bought any in a while, but the last time was when I had gotten some Gold Toe navy socks, possibly at Marshall’s 2 or 3 years ago.  I liked the quality and the ones I still have were in excellent shape.  They were made in USA at the time that I bought them.

I went to Amazon.com but the information about the socks said Made in USA/Imported.  Now what does that mean?  So I emailed customer services at goldtoe.com, figuring I’d go to the source.  No answer….Ok, no problem, it’s the holiday seaon, they must be busy, so I called them up.  The company is located in North Carolina and a pleasant woman with a southern accent answered the phone.  “Which of your socks are made in USA?”  I asked.  She said that she didn’t know, since so many of them were made overseas (i.e. China).  I said, “You mean you don’t even know which socks that your own company makes are made in USA???”  She said she’d email me back. I told her that it was companies like hers that are destroying the American economy.  For a company that makes at least some of its apparel in the US, they can’t even promote their made in usa products when begged by their customers!!!

That was a few days ago.  I don’t have any answers yet, but will soon look elsewhere.  If so, I will advise you all to steer clear of Gold Toe.

Update 5/24/11

Tried to buy “made in USA” socks from Sears with the Covington brand.  They say “made in USA” on the website, so I ordered a few pairs.  I needed dress socks for work.  Unfortunately, they were “made in China” on the actual packaging.  😦


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