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Madeinusablog was just contacted by a representative from Midwest Snips, a specialty maker of hand cutting tools, based in Michigan.  This is the first industry representative that has contacted this blog wishing to be listed as an all-American manufacturer.

I checked out their website and was very favorably impressed.  They were established 45 years ago and have gradually expanded their product line.  Their tools are used in aviation, construction, electrical work and more.   They have been private-label suppliers to such brands as Sears Craftsman but also sell under their own brand. Despite their success, they have resisted the cheap lure of outsourcing and have expanded to two manufacturing facilities, both in Michigan.  Their tools are high quality but not outrageously priced.

Midwest Snips deserves a hand for making a quality product and making it in the USA from top to bottom!

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If you’ve looked for a new cutting board lately, you know that they’re almost all made in China or somewhere else in Asia.  It’s partly due to cheap labor there.  It’s also probably related to the ease of chopping down the rainforest without answering to anybody over there.

So I was in BB&B the other day, shopping for a cutting board.  I happened on the Epicurean line of cutting boards.  Wow!  I was quite surprised and pleased.  I wouldn’t be talking about them if they weren’t made in USA, so of course they are.  Yet these are technologically very advanced cutting boards!  They are very thin and made of compressed paper.  So they are lighter and more convenient to store, unlike those big clunky wood cutting boards of the past.  They also don’t crack or warp, are much less porous then older cutting boards, are stain-resistant, and can even be washed in the dishwasher!

Their line of products is huge – for everything from camping to commercial uses.  They now even feature a green line made from recycled cardboard!  Their raw materials even come from North America.  These guys rock!  We’ve been using the Epicurean cutting board now for a few months and it is definitely the best cutting board I’ve ever owned.  It is slightly more expensive than the usual el cheapo Chinese board, but its durability, advanced technology and credentials make it a much better value.

Check them out on: http://www.epicureancs.comEpicurean Gourmet Series

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