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Buying Made in the USA products is now a family affair…so when I found something I liked my husband encouraged me to post it on his blog here.  So here I go!

Having a new baby, I am always interested in baby products that make my life easier.  I recently saw my friend Kei’s breast feeding cover and asked her where she purchased it.  She told me that it is Made in the USA  (our friends know that we like that) and that she purchased it locally on www.jennofalltrades.com. This website features beautiful, well designed breast feeding covers, hand made by owner Jennifer Garland. Jennifer’s breast feeding cover is also half the price of similarly designed, imported covers.  Who wouldn’t want  a to support a local business and get a great deal at the same time? I emailed Jennifer and praised her for her work.  Best of luck to you Jennifer and all the other entrepreneurs out there creating quality, Made in the USA products!


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