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We were looking for a tricycle for my preschooler this month.  She was riding the ones in preschool and was really enjoying it, so we started to look online.  Naturally, I wanted to find one that was made in USA.  There were lots and lots that were made in China, so I skimmed over those.  I found one on Overstock.com (unbelievable, right?) for only $78.  It said, in big bold red white and blue letters, “Made in USA.”  (see the screenshot below, which is still up at the time of this posting).Overstock.com screenshotSo we ordered it and it came in about a week.  And guess what ??  It said “Made in China” in big bold letters all over it!  I was so pissed!  On the other hand, I may be a made in usa die-hard, but there are limits to how much stress I’ll go through for that.  My daughter already saw it and was anxious to ride it.  So I said, “what the hell” and decided to put it together anyway.  It seemed a little cheap, but I figured it should at least work.  Nope.  It broke down in 1 afternoon.  I called up Overstock and they did authorize a full refund and gave me a free shipping return coupon.  I told them about the misinformation about the product on the web page, but so far, nothing has happened.  We also put up a nasty review on the product.

It’s really unfortunate that even when you’re trying to buy American, and the product even says that it’s made in USA, you can still get burned.  All we can do is be vigilant and hold retailers to account for the veracity of their made in USA claims.


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