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I wanted to buy new boxer briefs recently.  I had managed to buy American-made boxer briefs before from a company called Skiviez, at Skiviez.com.  I looked back there again this week but it appears that their boxer briefs are now imported.  They do still have plain briefs that are domestic, fortunately.  Most underwear manufacturing has shifted overseas – almost anywhere from Central America to the Middle East. Brands that you would think are made in USA, such as Jockey, Fruit of the Loom, and Hanes are all imported, as far as I can see from reading product labels.

I did manage to find some athletic boxer briefs that I liked from Patagonia.  These are the Patagonia Active Briefs.  Multiple websites verified that they are made in USA, so I am hopeful that the product will be true to billing when it arrives.  The link for where I bought them is here.

Update 1/3/10 – I received the briefs and boxers, and yes, they are made in usa!  Quality is good too.

Update 8/15/11 – I bought black briefs from Unionlabel.com  These are poly-cotton and of excellent fit.  I about 10 for about $80 and am quite happy with the quality.

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I was looking to get lopping shears in order to prune my trees.  I am aware that many hardware products are made in China these days, although I thought that at least some are made in USA.   I knew that the Corona tools that I had seen in the local hardware store were all made in China, but I was online on hardwarestore.com and found a pair of Fiskars loppers which said “Made in USA” with big red white and blue lettering.  Oddly, the other Fiskars loppers on the website didn’t have that designation.  I called their customer service but the person, as usual, had no idea about country of origin for any of their equipment.

So I blithely ordered the Fiskars loppers.  And they came.  And of course…they’re MADE IN CHINA!  I have to say, I’m not completely surprised.  Even a big MADE IN USA on the website is no guarantee of truth.  The hallmarks of it being made in China were the fact that all the other Fiskars models were Chinese and that all the competitor products are also made in China.  Anyway, it was quite disappointing to see a long-respected company, like Fiskars, succumb to the outsourcing trend.  I remember Fiskars as being one of the holdouts against cheap-ass outsourcing and used to stand for quality.  I would not say so anymore.  There is no difference between Fiskars and any other made in China crap out there.

What will I do next?  Probably call hardwarestore.com and demand justice.  Stay tuned…

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