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This is a project that was long in the making for me.  I have long believed that one of the most important trade deficits that we need to focus on is the one with the middle east.  We import so much oil and just send cash over to the Persian Gulf.  What for?  Where do you think that money ends up?  Certainly not in nuclear centrifuges in Iran or Al Qaeda training camps (naaahhh…:))  So wiping out our dependence on the middle east heroin is more important to me than our trade imbalance with China.

Of course, I believe that clean renewable energy is the best long-term solution.  We need to switch our electrical production to solar, nuclear, geothermal, and tidal.  Ethanol is pretty good.  True, it does require the use of fossil fuels for corn production.  However, that is something that needs to be worked on separately, and the fossil fuel is usually natural gas rather than oil, which is domestic.  Also, the efficiency of ethanol production is constantly increasing (see Range Fuels, for example).  Ethanol and biofuel is a cheap and easy short-term solution for machines that are based on combustion and currently use petroleum products.

On that note, I decided to convert my recently-bought Ford Focus to a Flex-Fuel vehicle.  With a quick search online, I found a site, Change2e85.com, which specializes in such conversion kits.  Mine cost approximately $300.  Of course, it’s made in USA!  I spoke with the owner, and he is very gung-ho with my ideas above.  It was unbelievably easy to install!  I was very nervous that I’d screw up my engine and not be able to get to work.  It literally took me 5 minutes to do it once I had the right materials.  I did need to buy double sided tape and a nut, but that was it.   Check out the pics below to see it installed.

I will be updating this post with info on how my fuel efficiency is, but so far so good, no problems for the last week!

Update: I had some engine light errors come up and got them checked out.  The engine computer was saying that it was running “lean.”  The guys at change2e85.com said to dial up the dial on the conversion kit.  It’s been running fine since then and getting higher fuel efficiency than with gas.  And that’s for fuel that’s 50 cents cheaper than gas!

FLEX Fuel Module attached next to battery

FLEX Fuel Module Connections to Fuel Injectors

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