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We were recently shopping for some new things for the home: new curtains and a blanket for the bedroom.

We first went to a local curtain place that did not know where any of its fabrics were made.  Also, their prices were ridiculous.  At least they made their products locally.  However, my wife went online to factorydirectdrapes.com and found much better priced drapes that were made in USA!  Not only are they proudly advertising that, they also knew which fabrics were domestic!  So we’re very happy with that purchase and would love to promote them.

We also got tired of the import-only selection of blankets and linens at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  So my wife (who’s into this now too) found nofeathersplease.com where they feature made in USA comforters, blankets and linens.  The blanket actually cost less than comparable ones at BBB, so we were stoked!

You see?  You can buy good quality at a lower or equal price and still buy Made in USA!  Take that, China!

Update: We received the curtains and blanks and they’re awesome, really gorgeous!

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