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I recently ran across Okabashi sandals for being a made in USA sandal.  I remember that Crocs were originally made in USA then quickly got converted to made in China, once they became popular.  It’s not as if Crocs went down in price when that happened, though.  They’re actually more expensive than Okabashis.  Anyway, I was excited to try out these sandals as they seemed very comfortable, stylish and emphasized their recycling and waste-minimization programs.

I was not disappointed.  I tried out the Okabashi Eurosport model.  I loved the soft squishy feel, but at the same time they gave great support and had small massaging nubs on the insole.  They’re very comfortable.  I’ve worn them in the back yard and around town.  And they’re only $15!!! That’s way less than Crocs.

Here’s a pic:

Here is a photo of a women’s sandal that I saw on their website:

So I really liked the product and I really like the company as well.  As their literature itself said, at a time when only 2% of shoes sold here are made in USA, Okabashi has chosen to buck the trend.  Their shoes not only employ more Americans per shoe produced, but they also use less imported oil to get to you.  The average Okabashi shoe travels 700 miles, while the average imported shoe travels a whopping 11,600 miles!!  Okabashi accepts all of their shoes for recycling into new shoes and 25% of Okabashi are made from recycled materials.  The 2% of Okabashi recycled materials that can’t be made into shoes are even sent to other manufacturers, such as to make industrial floormats!  Unbelievable!  Can Obama please give these guys a medal?  Stop giving money to banks and promote Okabashi!

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