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Per the store on Foxnews today, China completed 4 giant sections previously damaged on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  What was liberal California’s solution?  Why have China make it!  What a grand idea!  What shortsightedness!  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!  So California thinks that by saving a few bucks in the short run, it will do better in the long run.  This is foolishness, as the tax revenue lost from the jobs and industry that could have produced those bridge sections in this country is completely lost, not to mention the trickle effects on other parts of the economy.  They may as well have just taken that money and thrown it off the bridge – it would have been almost the same.

Those foolish reporters that quote economists that contend that we should always pay the least for any product are way off base.  It makes sense only when comparing imports, not when comparing domestic products vs. imports.  If you spend money on your own people, the money stays in the economy rather than being lost, never to be seen again.

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