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Jumper SurfboardsJumper Surfboards was founded in October of 2011 in Putnam Valley, NY. Forty-five miles north of New York city and Sixty miles north of the Atlantic Ocean.

New York has a very dedicated surf scene that can been seen riding the subways and marching through snow to ride some waves. The surf in New York is very dynamic, from small mushy waves to twelve foot tall barreling waves. Jumper Surfboards can work in both of these conditions as well as boards that can be custom tailored to work well in conditions all over the world.

Jumper surfboards is dedicated to building surfboards in New York and using only USA made materials. On top of the surfboards being 100% US made, all clothing and stickers are US made.

You can confidently buy a Jumper Surfboard and know exactly who and where it came from. Please feel free to check out www.jumpersurfboards.com, become a fan on facebook at facebook.com/jumpersurf, and send an email with any questions to stephen@jumpersurfboards.com

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