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My office manager recently ran across the ERA line of spray-on foundations and bronzers (made by Classified Cosmetics) as an addition to my medical spa’s products.  She forwarded me the information and we decided to carry it.  We already sell multiple skin care products but have so far shied away from selling cosmetics.  Their ubiquity was one obstacle to bringing them on.  What I like about ERA, which has gotten quite a lot of recent fame from use on Twilight sets, is that it goes on like air-brushed makeup, so you’re getting professional level cosmetics in a take-home bottle.

I also of course asked where it was made – right here in Southern California as a matter of fact.  There aren’t that many domestically made cosmetics, though I’ve read that Smashbox and Glo Minerals are both made here.  Whenever possible, I support domestically-produced products.

ERA by Classified Cosmetics

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Reversible Pocket Watch Necklace by EDM Designs

Wife of Mr. MadeinUSAblog here.  Having now fully caught the buy Made in USA bug too, I was faced with the dilemma of what to get my main man for his anniversary.  I went to my go-to website for gifts that are original and (mostly) Made in the USA, Etsy.com.  On Etsy, I found EDM Designs, an amazing jewelry designer who hand makes steampunk fashion jewelry (my husband’s latest interest).  EDM designs features re-purposed styles of fine watch pieces from the mid to late 1800’s and into the early 1940’s. The result is a stunning line of cufflinks, necklaces, pocket watches and more that are sure to be a conversation piece for anyone who wears one.  I chose the Reversible Pocket Watch Vintage Optical Lens necklace, recently photographed on Howie Mandel (although Howie had no bearing on my selection, I just really liked this one).

The search for an original, quality Made in USA gift was a success!  My husband loved the necklace.  I loved the personal communication I got from the seller and supporting an American artisan who is obviously very talented.

Here is a little more information about EDM Designs, as written by the artist/designer herself, Ricky Wolbrom:

You will find designs and jewelry pieces that touch the spirit of those with an appreciation for the lifestyle and old world adornments of the vintage eras. Influenced by my utmost respect for the brilliant and skilled craftmanship of vintage watch movements, master artisans of yesteryear hand created these intricate and fascinating little worlds of synchronicity and artistic beauty. To be able to repurpose them and allow these mini landscapes of art find new life in today’s times gives me tremendous pleasure.

I work hard to ensure the visual integrity of the vintage pieces being used. In many cases, such as many of our cufflinks, rings and necklaces, etc., our products are professionally soldered for pieces that are of the highest quality…. resulting in a finished product that is both hand made and visually stunning.

Check out all of the incredible, original creations of EDM designs, found on her Etsy shop here.

Reversible Pocket Watch Necklace in Action

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I really like RockNSocks (http://rocknsocks.com).  Their founder, Misty Reilly, got the idea of making socks from going to music festivals where lots of unique clothes were sold but few necessities, such as socks.  Thus the name, RockNSocks.  She based the manufacturing process on domestically-sourced production and regenerated cotton, which has a minimal environmental impact.  I like that people who care about green production are also frequently people that care about domestic sourcing.  It seems that most of their socks are geared for women, though I could see a guy wearing some under pants.  (The modeling pic below is my wife.)  Although I have been able to find many made in USA men’s socks now (see my men’s sock post), this is the first one I have run across that is geared more to women in a boutique-fashion sort of way.

Stay tuned for a post about made in USA clothes and other products from the Renaissance Faire!

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I recently had the pleasure of sampling coconut patties from Anastasia Confections in Florida.  They’re chocolate covered on the bottom and sides and open coconut on top.  The coconut can be plain or flavored, such as pina colada or key lime.  I put out a box of these at my clinic and they were quickly scarfed up by the staff (including myself) and patients today!  They were quite good.

I really like that this company sought out this blog to promote the fact that they are made in USA.  It says so on their website too.  Way to go!  In these times of large food companies, such as Hershey, moving production out of the country, we should find alternative producers that make their foods domestically.  I personally no longer buy Hershey’s chocolates at all.  I prefer Girardelli or Trader Joe’s organic chocolates.

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I just bought a Systemax desktop PC, which is assembled in Ohio, USA.  I needed a new computer for the office and resolved not to buy another Chinese box, whether it be a Mac (see my other disparaging posts about Apple), an HP or a Dell. I understand that most of the components of pc’s these days are made in China and other parts of Asia.  However, assembly, sales and support are a significant part of the price tag of a pc.  Even if we can all increase the relative share of our consumer purchases that stay in the US by 25%, it would be a giant improvement. So I went on computersmadeinusa.com and found a listing for Systemax computers.  They are a small company out of Ohio and assemble all their products there.

The PC has a 1.2 terabyte drive, Core i5 Intel processor, and about 8 gigabytes of RAM.  It cost $550.  This is about the same price I would have paid for a Dell, which is made in China.  The support is 24/7 from the US also.  The PC itself looks nice, similar to an HP or Dell, and came in a box covered in stars and stripes.  They have all kinds of other models up and down the price ladder. Check out http://www.systemaxpc.com/  I will not buy another Chinese pc again!

I will update this post if I have any problems with the computer or any additional raves.

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I recently had some success (I think) with buying American-made socks.  A recent google search for “made in usa mens dress socks” yielded the following ebay listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260977595759, offering “Foot First Made in USA” black socks.  I ordered this incredibly inexpensive set of socks (by any measure) and was pleased with the look, feel, and quality.  It seemed too good to be true, so I messaged the seller about it.  I had not been able to find anything about the Foot First company online.  The seller replied with, “Yes, they are made in the USA. They are made in Hickory, North Carolina. Thank you and have a good day.”  I have searched for this company again with the above information but still cannot find any listings on google or whitepages.com.  So I am still not sure of whether to believe the information.  If anyone has more information about this company, I would love to add it in the comments section.

Update 5/1/12:

Just had a chance to try on Ecosox, a made in USA sock from Ohio (Ecosox.com).  The unusual thing with these is that these are the first socks made from bamboo viscose.  They have a great smooth/silky feel and feel cooler on the feet than standard cotton athletic socks.  At an $4-6 per pair, these are quite inexpensive and compare favorably with similar socks made in China and sold in places like Target.  Highly recommend.  See photos below:

made in USA sport socksmade in usa athletic socks

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Liposonix was recently FDA-approved for non-invasive fat destruction.  This Washington-based company is the first to get FDA-approval for focused ultrasound-based fat destruction.  Liposonix works by focusing an ultrasonic beam below the surface of the skin, causing fat cells to be destroyed at a specific depth.  The fat is then removed gradually over approximately 2 months.  The procedure is ideal for someone who has an inch or two that they want to lose and who don’t want liposuction surgery.

Liposonix is manufactured in USA in Washington state.  They were acquired by Medicis who then sold them to Solta.  Solta is based in California and also manufactures Fraxel and Thermage domestically. At Celebrity Laser Spa, we already own a Fraxel unit (which has a huge Made in USA sticker on the back) and have now purchased a Liposonix unit as well.  For more info, check out the Liposonix page on the CLS website.

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