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I just bought a Systemax desktop PC, which is assembled in Ohio, USA.  I needed a new computer for the office and resolved not to buy another Chinese box, whether it be a Mac (see my other disparaging posts about Apple), an HP or a Dell. I understand that most of the components of pc’s these days are made in China and other parts of Asia.  However, assembly, sales and support are a significant part of the price tag of a pc.  Even if we can all increase the relative share of our consumer purchases that stay in the US by 25%, it would be a giant improvement. So I went on computersmadeinusa.com and found a listing for Systemax computers.  They are a small company out of Ohio and assemble all their products there.

The PC has a 1.2 terabyte drive, Core i5 Intel processor, and about 8 gigabytes of RAM.  It cost $550.  This is about the same price I would have paid for a Dell, which is made in China.  The support is 24/7 from the US also.  The PC itself looks nice, similar to an HP or Dell, and came in a box covered in stars and stripes.  They have all kinds of other models up and down the price ladder. Check out http://www.systemaxpc.com/  I will not buy another Chinese pc again!

I will update this post if I have any problems with the computer or any additional raves.

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