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I am a patriot like many of you. So does that mean that a patriot turns his back on the friends of his country? Hell no! Although it’s not a perfect relationship, Japan is definitely a friend and ally of the US. So if this tsunami/earthquake/meltdown happened in Iran, I might raise an eyebrow, but how can anyone turn their back on the suffering of their friends? I can’t and I know that good Americans can’t either.
The scale of this tragedy is so immense that any one person’s contribution may seem pointless. But don’t despair, what’s more important than an actual dollar amount is showing you care. The Japanese will long remember who came to their aid and those emotion-laden stories will be told for generations. If you can send money or participate in relief efforts, you should! If all you can do is offer a caring word to someone with family there, do that. Send a card, send an email, anything.
It’s good to see many countries around the world trying to help. It’s the decent thing to do. Even China is helping, though a little. I’d like to see China show some nobility and take a lead in helping Japan. Maybe they will.


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