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Liposonix was recently FDA-approved for non-invasive fat destruction.  This Washington-based company is the first to get FDA-approval for focused ultrasound-based fat destruction.  Liposonix works by focusing an ultrasonic beam below the surface of the skin, causing fat cells to be destroyed at a specific depth.  The fat is then removed gradually over approximately 2 months.  The procedure is ideal for someone who has an inch or two that they want to lose and who don’t want liposuction surgery.

Liposonix is manufactured in USA in Washington state.  They were acquired by Medicis who then sold them to Solta.  Solta is based in California and also manufactures Fraxel and Thermage domestically. At Celebrity Laser Spa, we already own a Fraxel unit (which has a huge Made in USA sticker on the back) and have now purchased a Liposonix unit as well.  For more info, check out the Liposonix page on the CLS website.


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