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I recently had the pleasure of sampling coconut patties from Anastasia Confections in Florida.  They’re chocolate covered on the bottom and sides and open coconut on top.  The coconut can be plain or flavored, such as pina colada or key lime.  I put out a box of these at my clinic and they were quickly scarfed up by the staff (including myself) and patients today!  They were quite good.

I really like that this company sought out this blog to promote the fact that they are made in USA.  It says so on their website too.  Way to go!  In these times of large food companies, such as Hershey, moving production out of the country, we should find alternative producers that make their foods domestically.  I personally no longer buy Hershey’s chocolates at all.  I prefer Girardelli or Trader Joe’s organic chocolates.


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