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Tom Bihn Travel Bag - Aeronaut

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Tom Bihn Aeronaut Travel Bag.  This and many other such bags are made by Tom Bihn in Seattle, Washington.  What impressed me about this bag was 3 things:

  1. It is attractive and very well-designed.
  2. It is well-crafted in the USA
  3. The Tom Bihn company seems especially dedicated (more than your average American manufacturer) to both producing and sourcing their materials in the US.

The bags are not cheap but they are not cheaply made.  When you are carrying your most prized possessions, such as your laptop, your ipad or other fancy gadgets about town or on a plane, you want to use a bag that is ergonomic, comfortable, durable, and convenient.  The Aeronaut definitely has all of these qualities.  One really nifty thing about it is that you can carry it over your shoulder or as a backpack, and the straps are detachable.  Each compartment and pocket contains internal accessories, such as straps and key loops to hold all kinds of stuff securely.

Sure, you can buy some cheap Chinese bag that they sell at the corner gas station or at the Target for $25, but you know that it will be trash in less than 6 months of daily use or after a single rough handling.  Also, when you own a quality piece of American-made luggage, you will feel good about it, rather than owning another piece of junk that you do not value.  You will proudly show off your excellent made in USA case – something more unique than a Louis Voutton bag and definitely less expensive.

When you visit the Tom Bihn website, you will find that they seem to be a real fun to work for company.  The about us page even has little vignettes about each of the employees, from the CEO down to the ladies that sew the bags.  Much better than buying from some nameless “brand” that licenses it’s product to another nameless Chinese company.  Buy Tom Bihn and buy proudly!

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