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Nika Design is a fashion business of handmade dresses and other women’s fashion from Detroit. Veronica “Nika” Braslavsky, the designer and maker of the fashion line, has created clothing using felt and silk and a unique steam-based manufacturing process. Nika has an extensive background in art and design and previously had a business making custom doll-purses. She has achieved a new level of success with Nika Design and has attracted a growing following through fashion trade shows and conventions across the country.

I admire Nika in her tireless energy and willingness to make these clothes herself in USA rather than outsourcing to some Chinese factory and living on the narrow margin. This has advantages too. She controls the entire process from start to finish and maintains ownership of everything. She also can make smaller quantities of individual product as demand dictates. As her sales increase, the profits will be correspondingly larger as well.

For more information or to contact Nika, go to www.NikArtDesign.com

Nika Design Made in USA Dress

Nika Design Made in USA Jacket


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