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Established in 1883, Lucchese Boots is an American company dedicated to quality, fit, and style. Every single Lucchese Classics, Lucchese 2000, and Lucchese 1883 boots are made 100% in the USA, from start to finish. There are over 120 steps in the boot making process at Lucchese and over 120 sets of hands touch each boot before it leaves the factory, which is located in El Paso, Texas. The boots are made from the finest grade leathers and constructed by human hands at virtually every step of their construction. In using the highest quality materials to craft each boot, Lucchese offers a comfort that is unmatched by lesser quality boots made off shore by machine. The cording is done by hand in over two dozen designs and they offer more than 100 stitching designs, some that are over 75 years old. Lucchese is a company that has been dedicated to employing Americans on American soil, and has done so since its beginning. In the words of Sam Lucchese, Jr., “The final truth is that throughout the whole boot factory, the quality chain is no stronger than its weakest link.” There is nothing more American than a cowboy boot and it is this commitment to quality that has kept Lucchese’s manufacturing process domestic since their inception in 1883.

Lucchese is also a proud supporter of the Military Warriors Support Foundation. MWSF provides funds for homes, counseling, jobs, and education for wounded veterans.


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Here are some of the purchases I’ve made recently:

2 leather belts of very high quality: http://www.naturalreflections.com.  I was quite pleased with them.  They were $20 each and thick, almost like shoe sole leather!  They arrived in the mail roughly 4 days after I ordered them.  Very pleased and I highly recommend.

While visiting Philadelphia: some antique books (printed in USA).  I really like classic old books.  We also bought made in USA souvenirs at the Carpenter House there, a set of pewter jacks and a large brass key.

In New York today, we stopped in to American Apparel and I picked up some men’s dress socks (3 pairs for $12).  I also saw that they have an extensive winter clothing line and have started selling made in USA shoes.  The shoes are unisex and look like dance shoes, but are leather and only $65 a pair!  I was quite impressed with American Apparel!

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Mrs. Made in USA here. For the past month I have been searching for a stylish, Made in the USA diaper bag to carry my stuff and the plethora of gear that i have to lug around for my 2 babies. I searched many different diaper bag sites and women’s purse sites. Pretty much everything was made in China and ranged in price from $40 to over $300. I also had the option of buying a “designer” bag made in Italy, but those cost at least $600. I couldn’t stomach shelling out that kind of money for a bag, even if it wasn’t made in China. Plus, the last time i checked we didn’t have a money tree growing in the back yard.

So after a long and exhaustive search for a Made in the USA purse, I resolved myself to the fact that i would have to, 1) keep using my old bag, or 2) buy an imported bag and endure the disappointed look of my husband. Then I got an idea….look on Etsy.com! They have millions of items Made in the USA, so there must be purses there too. I immersed myself in Etsy and came upon beautiful leather bags by Paulina Carcach. I found a bag I loved and emailed Paulina to confirm the bags were Made in the USA. Sure enough, she sews these beauties by hand in the San Francisco Bay area and gets her leather from a local leather shop. You can customize your bag by choosing the leather color and hardware you want. Best of all, her bags are SO reasonably priced. All shapes of handbags are under $150 and clutches are as low as $35. The one I chose, called the Alba bag, is only $141! I was in heaven. Not only did i find a cool bag that fit my needs but the price was unbelievable for something handmade and leather! I got the thumbs up from my husband and placed my order immediately.

I have attached a picture of the bag I ordered (in teal) and another style. All of Paulina’s bags are custom made to order, so I will have to wait a couple weeks for mine. I can’t wait to get it! When I showed my mom the picture of the bag I ordered, she said it reminded her of her designer bag (which starts with P and rhymes with Rada). I said, “Yeah, but mine is custom made in the USA and $500 less!” You can’t argue with that.

Check out all of Paulina’s beautiful, Made in the USA leather handbags at www.paulinacarcach.net.

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