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I really like RockNSocks (http://rocknsocks.com).  Their founder, Misty Reilly, got the idea of making socks from going to music festivals where lots of unique clothes were sold but few necessities, such as socks.  Thus the name, RockNSocks.  She based the manufacturing process on domestically-sourced production and regenerated cotton, which has a minimal environmental impact.  I like that people who care about green production are also frequently people that care about domestic sourcing.  It seems that most of their socks are geared for women, though I could see a guy wearing some under pants.  (The modeling pic below is my wife.)  Although I have been able to find many made in USA men’s socks now (see my men’s sock post), this is the first one I have run across that is geared more to women in a boutique-fashion sort of way.

Stay tuned for a post about made in USA clothes and other products from the Renaissance Faire!


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