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Here are some of the purchases I’ve made recently:

2 leather belts of very high quality: http://www.naturalreflections.com.  I was quite pleased with them.  They were $20 each and thick, almost like shoe sole leather!  They arrived in the mail roughly 4 days after I ordered them.  Very pleased and I highly recommend.

While visiting Philadelphia: some antique books (printed in USA).  I really like classic old books.  We also bought made in USA souvenirs at the Carpenter House there, a set of pewter jacks and a large brass key.

In New York today, we stopped in to American Apparel and I picked up some men’s dress socks (3 pairs for $12).  I also saw that they have an extensive winter clothing line and have started selling made in USA shoes.  The shoes are unisex and look like dance shoes, but are leather and only $65 a pair!  I was quite impressed with American Apparel!

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