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Although buying made in USA is great, unions are not the answer to the long term viability of American industry or government.  As the Wisconsin vote has showed us, unions will do anything to thwart the will of their employers to benefit themselves.  Don’t people understand that collective bargaining itself is something that is an obstacle to liberty?

If you want to have a business, you will want to hire the best possible candidate for the lowest price, just like when you go shopping and buy the best product for the lowest price.  So you may be willing to pay more or provide greater benefits to get a higher quality worker.  If you get really unfit workers, your quality or your business’ reputation may go down and you’ll lose sales.  If you make a bunch of bad hiring and compensation decisions, your business may close and be replaced by businesses that made better decisions.  Instead, with collective bargaining, this natural process of survival of the fittest business is thwarted.  Worse yet, if you are not in a right to work state, employees may be forced into unions against their will if they want to work with unionized employers.

How can people not see how anti-freedom unions are?  With public unions, it’s even worse, because there is no possibility of the employer going out of business.  They just tax more, borrow more and provide ever less efficient service to the public.   It’s a rotten deal for taxpayers.  It’s also an inherent conflict of interest.  The Democrat politicians in government are always happy to reward the unions that elected them, and pass the costs along to the third party paying the bills, the taxpayers.  The taxpayer is not represented at the bargaining table.

For that matter, taxpayers are not represented fairly in regards to other giveaways, such as welfare.  How fair is it that those who receive welfare can vote on additional welfare benefits?  Shouldn’t only people paying into the system vote on taxes to be levied on them?  We have entered a situation in this country where the percentage of total payroll benefits comprised by welfare (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment, etc.) is over 30%!  What happens when a sizeable minority or even a majority of voters can vote to tax the remaining voters ever more?  It’s like slavery!  People working for a living are supporting an ever-growing and parasitic non-working population.

So let’s start by busting unions.  Governor Walker’s achievement is to be commended.  That’s a good beginning.  Next we should take on other anti-liberty aspects of government, such as welfare and other wealth-redistribution schemes.


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