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As a cosmetic surgeon at Celebrity Laser Spa, I recently implemented dictation services at my clinic.  I had some recent experience with hospital dictation services and was more than once displeased to find that the service had been changed in favor of another service that was cheaper, offshore and of lower quality.  I found mistakes more frequently and customer service was non-existent.  I assumed that the price difference must be huge to justify such lower standards.
This assumption changed when I hired a dictation service myself.  I was informed by Datalyst Dictation that the difference was 9 cents per line for offshore transcription and 11 cents for domestic.  However, I did have to ask whether the initial rate of 9 cents reflected offshoring and was informed that if I wanted domestic transcription, it would be 11 cents.  It should be more up-front.  I have been pleased with the service so far and can tell by reading the transcripts that they are done by native English speakers. Is a 20% difference worth all the headaches of offshoring?  I wish that people cared more about quality and efficiency and less about the nominal price.  You end up paying for the savings in the end anyway.

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